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mick's chapbook threesome in the last Toyota Celica & other circus tricks was selected as a winner of Host Publication's Chapbook Contest and is available for purchase!

Selected Works



contrapuntal with maternal confession at RHINO Poetry (print - finalist for Founders Prize)

[there are so many things i'm not allowed to tell you] at Indiana Review (print - finalist for 1/2 K Prize)

thesis: here gender is elusive, if not slippery as silt at Blood Orange Review (Emerging Poet Prize Honorable Mention)


annotation: Frank Ocean performs Good Guy live at Exposition Park [Los Angeles, 2017] at MUZZLE

thesis: Rock the Boat is a song about strapping, if for no other reason than at MUZZLE (nominated for Pushcart Prize)

ode to Rihanna performing Love on the Brain live at the Benz Arena [Berlin, 2016]at Up the Staircase Quarterly

good-bye, summer at Passengers Journal (nominated for Best of the Net Anthology)

three poems (palinode for the year we did not touch / self-portrait as Fat medusa in conversation with Poseidon's wife / american sonnet [i made, of my bones, an earth for you]) at Iterant Journal


three poems (day, too, is a thing changed by time / monarch in the jasmine tree / caesura) at Honey Literary


when will you start to miss me at Voicemail Poems (nominated for Best of the Net Anthology)

hologram at COUNTERCLOCK Journal (nominated for Pushcart Prize)

poem in which my whole hand fits in my mouth at Frontier Poetry

young americans tongue touching in the basement party right before the apocalyptic end at Tinderbox Poetry

we will find an island & the only song that will play is the Whitney song that makes us cry at Tinderbox Poetry

to Kimberly, as you were at Cosmonauts Avenue

candy girls 1961, 1988, 2011 at Nat. Brut


dreamscape with distinct versions of myself at Winter Tangerine


i am thinking of fire forgiveness my mother (and fire) at Apogee Journal


4 poems at Crab Fat Magazine


on night terrors at Winter Tangerine


this is about snapchat but also about you & also about me & also about drowning  at FreezeRay Poetry


misplaced love note to all the women in the Drake songs at Winter Tangerine

Interviews & Essays

for Black femme survivors, including myself with Meg Reynolds at Working on Gallery

Semi-Finalist Feature Interview at Honeysuckle Press

Collective Love in the Time of Tension: On Racialized Sexual Harassment, Betrayal, and Forgiveness at The Feminist Wire

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